Longing for something deeper & more fulfilling?

Frustrated by not following your own inner GPS more often?

Ever suddenly realize you are at the door looking out, know you need to take that next courageous step
and yet,  your faith, and trust are nowhere to be found?

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Being in the sisterhood has shifted and deepened who I am and how I show up in the world.

I have found greater peace of mind and joy through all it has to offer.”  ~ Katie Mazzocco


The Living Truth Sisterhood!!!

The Living Your Truth Sisterhood is the place to learn new tools, and to master one’s you may already be using on your journey of self-growth. This virtual community is for soulful entrepreneurs and creatives who are:
~ are on the path to greater self-awareness
~ craving to stop ‘shoulding’ all over themselves
~ ready to learn to live by the wisdom of their own truth.

This community explores and empowers each other in growing in finding and using their intuition and to live life each day with greater compassion, creativity and courage.

Are You Thinking
“I want to step into greater personal growth. Yet, I don’t even know where to begin!!!!” 

What You Have Found Is a Place to 

A Place to Grow In

to Step Forward Living Your Truth

And, A Space To

Discover and connect with that sacred space for your own inner home.


Step into being empowered by a space of sisterhood

of like-minded, loving souls!

~The Living the Truth Sisterhood is THAT sacred place for you
to embark and walk forward upon the path
to your soul’s truth and
to energize and infuse your life by its wisdom.

As a member of the Living Your Truth Sisterhood,
you’ll learn how to use sacred awakening tools to harness your inner power,
understand the Laws of the Universe and how to use them to manifest your soul’s truth,
and be supported by like-minded soulful women.


Step Into Greater Clarity, Confidence, and Courage by Becoming a Member of the Living Your Truth Sisterhood!

Your membership includes:

~ DIY lessons to align with your soul’s truth, gain clarity, discover the confidence within, and forge forward confidently!!

~ Sacred time together for questions and answers,

~ a Secret Facebook group to gather for support,

~ Monthly Oracle Readings, 
Weekly Guided Meditations and so much more

~ Bonus Soul~Play Workshops & Challenges

Throughout the year, your membership includes special events to step into
the depth of your soul and discover your truth!

~ Bonus Spiritual Study Hall & Secret Society
Step into The Collective Energy of Like-Minded Spiritual
Solopreneurs & Creatives to empower you to complete those
courses and finish implementing those self-help books, DIY Classes, and more

 This Secret society gathers, for a ‘semester’ at a time for you to stay
accountable to your higher intentions of personal growth & spiritual development!

                                As part of the Living Your Truth Sisterhood, you have access to this Society!!!!!


Are you ready to step into your spiritual journey?

Are you ready to forge forward on the path of your calling?



Discover and connect with that sacred space for
own inner home.

Be empowered by a sisterhood of like-minded, loving souls!

This Membership allows you to grow, at your own pace, along side other sisters, just like you, who are stepping forward toward more joy and abundance in life and shine like the star you are!
Birthday Celebration Ends Thursday, March 30th at 10 PM ET

Birthday Celebration 

ONLY $37.00/month

 Annual Membership


 Your Membership Includes:

6 Yearly On Demand Master Classes & Lessons

Small, simple segments for easier learning. Videos, pdfs, worksheets to support all learning styles
On-Demand so you have access to them whenever you need
Access to Over 50+ Lessons ready and waiting for you

Quarterly Soul~Play Workshops, Deep Dives, and Challenges

A time to come together as a Sisterhood to
Focus on creative, fun & inspiring activities
Unleash your creativity to allow joy and abundance to flow

Monthly Sacred Soul Sister Chats 

To answer your most burning questions about Living Your Own Truth!
The Skies the limit Support from a Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner & Your Amazing Sisters

Monthly Full MoonOracle Readings

Done inside Zoom as a group
Receive Guidance from a Soul Coaching® Master Oracle Practitioner
Gain insights through the wisdom of Oracle Cards

Weekly Creative Guided Meditations

Join in on Facebook or Watch the Replay
Find Your Wisdom Guides & Gain Valuable Insight & Information
for Courage Creation 

Birthday Celebration
Open Enrollment

ONLY $37.00/month


 Annual Membership




Join Now During the
Our Birthday Celebration
Open Enrollment.


 It Ends Thursday, March 30th at 10 PM ET



Content Covered to Unveil Your Soul’s Deepest Truth:

Clutter Clearing;
Space Clearing/Smudging;
Feng Shui;
Altars & Sacred Shelve;
Crystals & Gems;
Applied Aromatherapy;
Forest Bathing;
Use of Oracle Cards;
Mother Earth & Nature

Mastering Mindset;
Understanding & Facing Your Fears;
Courage Creation;
Daily Soul Strengthening;
Use of Sounds;
Understanding Nighttime Dreams;
Moon Cycles for Daily Guidance;
Accelerated Affirmations;
Animal Totems

Vision & Manifestation;
The Art & Science of Abundance;
Law of Attraction;
Unleashing Creativity;
Seeing Signs from the Universe;
Soul Journeys & Meditation;
Sacred Soul Journaling;
Automatic Writing;
Energy Strands

Birthday Celebration Opening Enrollment

ONLY $37.00/month

 Annual Membership



See What Others are saying!


“I am one of the lucky one’s who has been able to work with Laura. I knew at once I was embraced by her love and enlightened wisdom. She brings forth her wealth of knowledge in the most kindhearted and loving way. Her smile is infectious and I felt immediately at ease in working with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to heal their heart or mind and discover their truth. I guarantee your heart will be smiling afterward.” Michelle Elder, RN, BSN Portland, Oregon


“So much value in one person! Laura brings it all to each session. She holds a sacred space of empowerment, meets me where I am and lifts me up to a new place of alignment and belief in myself. She gives her all offering simple, spirituality tips and tricks that are easy to use and offer quick support to you.” Kellyann Schaefer CEO & Lifestyle Management Coach at TaskComplete


“Practical. Implementable. Quick Support. I would recommend working with Laura because she is a compassionate, cool, fun, witty and down to earth spiritual “sherpa” who walks her own spiritual path daily and brings all she knows to support her clients.” Danielle Orteri Art historian, writer, speaker & designer of Feast On History


“Laura radiates a love and compassion that touched me the first time I met her. I am so grateful for having done her Sacred Soul Coaching Collage Program. She takes you to a deeper level helping you to bring your vision alive. I learned from her how to give my vision energy and life by keeping it front and center via my beautiful Vision Board resulting in this year in the manifestation of certification as Dream Builder Coach, member of a Mastermind group, a circle of new friends who are my partners in believing and being able to afford sponsoring a child through Compassion International, something I have wanted to do for years. I would recommend working with Laura because she is a compassionate, cool, & fun.” Mary Perez Certified Dream Builder Coach

Ann Marie

“Laura shows you where the shift in energy for the positive in your life is going to occur, so you are really ready to embrace it when it arrives! I was ready to throw in the towel with my business and she shared intuitive info that made me hang in there a little longer and boy, I am sure glad I did – other wise I never would have been able to launch our Don Polec’s World- Exploring Quirky show which is now being sold GLOBALLLY. Thank YOU – Laura you are a love filled game changer!” Ann Marie Polec Sun Blossom Entertainment

Become A Sister in this Sacred Membershi

Birthday Celebration Ends Thursday, March 30th at 10 PM ET

Winter Solstice Splash Opening Enrollment

ONLY $37.00/month


 Annual Membership



Questions you might be asking!


Q: Does my membership price to belong to the Living Your Truth Sisterhood™ ever go up?

A. When you choose the monthly membership, No! It does not go up. As long as your membership is current, your investment stays the same as when you joined.


Q: This Price seems so low for the power of the transformation. Why is that?

A. This will be THE LAST TIME this membership is available at such a low investment. The next enrollment period ~ later this summer ~ the investment will be double or even triple the investment. It’s a no-brainer to enroll now to SAVE HUNDREDS of dollars a year!!!!! 


Q: Am I required to stay in the membership for any particular time?

A. No! You are not locked into the membership ever. I do feel that when you join a sisterhood, you are making a commitment in yourself. Many members stay in for a year others several years. This allows you to use the tools when you need them most and to activate your inner wisdom as a spiritual practice that takes consistent practice and support.  I am not excited about having ‘pick your brainers’ and ‘toe-tippers’ in the group as that energy does not serve the greater sisterhood. And, remember, there may be an increased investment if you ever do want to return!


Q: What is your cancellation/refund policy?

A. We’re confident that if you look at everything that’s available to you and dive in, you’ll get enormous benefit from participating fully The Living Your Truth Sisterhood. That said, if after reviewing the content and the additional benefits of being a member in the Sisterhood, you don’t think it’s worth the cost of your membership, just let us know within 30 days of your enrollment, and we’ll give you a full refund.  After your first 30 days, you may cancel anytime without future charges before your next billing date and another cycle in the membership. That’s how much we believe in the quality of the content, community, and coaching we’re offering. We don’t want anything standing between you and the successful lifestyle/business you desire and deserve, so it’s totally risk-free for you. . Just be sure to email us at  adminangels@wiselivinginstitute.com.

Q: Is this a religious group?

A. ABSOLUTELY NOT. It does not conform to any one particular practice or belief. Nor does it go against what you have as a belief because we encourage you to understand the content through your own inner wisdom and beliefs.  We welcome all and the content is based purely on connection to Spirit ~ as you practice.

Q: I’m a novice at embracing Living My Truth, is this for me? AND, I’ve been doing this ~ Living My Truth ~ for a while now, is this for me?
A. Yes. Absolutely to both and everyone in between. The content delivered serves all levels of those on a journey to hear their soul’s truth. The truth is we all have to start somewhere and we all get stopped in our tracks when life’s challenges are put before us. This Sisterhood is EXACTLY the place to be to be supported on your journey ~ whether you are embarking upon it or have traveled far.

Q: I don’t have Facebook. Do I have to participate in the Facebook Group?

A. No. But, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to. That is where the sisters come to connect, to get support, to give support and grow. JFK wrote “A Rising Tide Raises All Ships”. Think of the Facebook group as your own personal Universal Tide that will raise your ship to allow you to follow your purpose and pursue your passions. 

Q: I have another question, How can I get this answered?
A. Easy! Just write to me directly at Laurapclark@wiselivinginstitute.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

About Your Mentor & Guide of the Sisterhood Laura

How I Grew My Business with Purpose and What it Means For You…

I’ve been building my body~of~work, aka businesses, for the last 30 years making the necessary twists and turns on the journey based on my purpose, my energies, and my own inner voice.

I did this….
~ keeping sight of my personal priorities in life.
~ without the overwhelm of breaking the proverbial camel’s back.
~ while being fully supported financially and abundantly by my business.
~ with the profound sense that my work gave extreme value to my clients.
~ having a great sense of self-fulfillment along the path.

And, it’s what I do for my clients now too.

With my expertise and proven system of

how to align your business with your purpose of who you are,
you can grow in purpose and raise your vibration too!