Challenges & Deep Dives

Challenges & Deep Dives

For Fun, Creativity and Inspiring Living Your Truth

Each of these challenges is created around certain processes that enhance your ability to Live Your Truth. Some will be new concepts for you and others will help you re-engage with them, sharpen your saw and inspired renewed ability to listen to your own inner wisdom to LIve Your Truth with greater clarity and courage!

A 90 Minute Workshop to Grow Using The Rhythms of Mother Nature & Honor Her Love For You




Step into Your Unique Brilliance and Shine
Your Truth With Great Faith & Courage.
This 1 hr workshop will have you
confirm from your soul what you need most right now to step forward courageously and
then you will discover how to,
creatively, claim it! 

Power Of Intention for a New Age supports you in creating your Intention for 2021 using the Energy of the Winter Solstice.


Begin your day with a greater sense of purpose and passion and allow flow and ease to grace your day! 5 Days of Insights & Information & Inspiration Create, Expand or Enhance Your Own Morning Magic Rituals


This 3 Day Challenge & Video Series
takes you through the process of
Asking For, Receiving & Understanding the
Signs from the Universe


A 90 Minute Workshop to finding your Birth Triumverate & Your Powerful Divine Purpose Statement.  Roll up your sleeves and do the work of two months content in this Done~With~Your Soulshop !!!! 


Creating Greater Inner Peace that expands to outward Positivity.
This 5 Day Challenge takes you into finding ways to access your inner peace to understand how to step forward with greater confidence & positivity.  

Discover how to simply & easily stay centered in the face of challenge

Dive deeply to create a way for you to empower yourself so that you are ALWAYS
able to take the next courageous step no matter what, no matter where, no matter when!!!
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 This 75 Minute Special Event allows you to review, with 2020 Vision,  as You Own Sacred Observer, any past period of time.

A Year, A Season, A Month.
This sacred view allows you to see how to Celebrate YOU and bring forward the Best Version of Self.

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