Dream. Desire. Dare. Do!

Create the Vision Your Soul Yearns For.


The Living Your Truth™
Collage Master Class

Are You Planting the Seeds for Your Big Vision?


Are You Ready to Step Courageously Forward?


Are you ready to discover the secret to manifest the vision you have for your future?


Discover the Secret to Manifesting the Vision You have for Your Future by
Creating Your Living Your Truth Collage! 

It’s Your Time for the Living Your Truth Collage Master Class.

There are many types of collages and they are all based on your intentions. At this time of year, many people choose to make a year collage and some choose to focus on just one aspect of their life. The choice is completely up to you.

This Workshop is designed like no other typical vision boarding program! As a result of participating in this program, you will:

  • Determine what your Deepest Desires are ~ they WILL surprise you!
  • Access the Hidden Messages of your Board ~ they are there!
  • Discover the Best Ways to Create your Board Based on your Intentions
  • Discover the Best ACTION Steps to take Next as You Step into 2019
  • Begin to Work On Purpose & Thrive no matter what is going on
  • Attract Your Best Future into Your Present !!

How the program works:

  • Pre-Workshop information to set you up for success
  • 60 Min. Instruction Class of Sacred Instruction on how to build a Collage from your Soul’s Truth (Replay available on demand)
  • Q & A Time for Clarity & Vision Declaration
  • A week to construct your board in the privacy of your own space
  • Sacred Circle Gathering ~ Monday, January 28th @ 8 PM EST
    to dedicate your board, discover hidden meanings and more!
  • FB Group to Ask Questions* before, during AND after the event! 
  • Yes, there will be recordings if these times don’t align with your calendar!
What’s Special About This Program:


  • It’s done in your own home so you avoid being distracted and create from your soul center
  • You Get a Shopping List to gather the supplies you need when you register to purchase
  • Create A Sanctuary Space pdf to use to create a space that supports you
  • A Different Process Not Found anywhere else:
    – Creating an intention for your board
    – The actual process of building that allows your soul’s truth and
  • How to allow creativity to flow and avoid overthinking
  • Space & Time with no pressure. You have a week to build your board!
  • And, an option to join the Living Your Truth Sisterhood™

AND, After Your Living Your Truth Collage is made, There is a

Sacred Circle Gathering that allows you to…


  • Consecrate & Energize Your Board
  • Discover the Hidden Message of your Board Your Soul wants you to know
  • Find out and overcome your own blockages of manifestation
  • Where and How to focus your efforts to Manifestation
  • BestLiving Your Truth Collage Practices to step courageously forward living your truth

It’s Your Time!
Dream. Desire. Dare.
Let’s Do This!

You can participate in the Master Class Alone OR You can become a member of the Living Your Truth Sisterhood™!

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The Living Your Truth Sisterhood™….

is a place to discover new skills and master the tools you may already be using on your path to greater success and to living by the wisdom of your own truth. This Sisterhood allows you to grow, at your own pace, alongside other sisters, just like you, who are stepping forward toward more joy and abundance in life. Are you ready to shine like the star you are?

Your Membership includes:

Monthly Master Classes

Small, simple segments for easier learning.
Videos, pdfs, worksheets to support all learning styles.
On Demand to fit into anyone’s schedule.

Already waiting for you are The 4 Element Theory: Your Soul’s Success; Your Brilliant Purpose; Working in Rhythm with Nature; Energy Vampires and more

Monthly Content Q & A’s

Focused on Masterclass content ~ this month’s or previous.
Get answers to support using the techniques and tools of the Sisterhood and bring them into your own life
Go Deeper into the work to take courageous action in your life.

Monthly Sacred Sister Chats

Questions and Answers and Sacred Conversation about your biggest challenges.
Find ways to work through your most burning questions.
Get Insight and Support in turning your Obstacles into Opportunities
This Group format allows you to learn from one another.

Creative Facebook Lives

A time to come together as a Sisterhood and unleash our creativity to allow joy and abundance to flow.


That allows you to put into practice the tools and techniques that allow you to lead your life by living your truth

Already Waiting for you are: 5 Day Sacred Soul Journaling™ Challenge; 5 Day Beyond Clutter Clutter Clearing Challenge; and more

After working with Laura to understand the hidden messages of the board, I became certain that this is a powerful tool. 
The most significant manifestation from my Vision Board in the first 30 days after having created it was the opportunity to live abroad which is shown on my board in three different pictures of the Mediterranean!  
Danielle Orteri

Art historian, writer, speaker & designer, Feast On History

I loved the process Laura took us through.
I have looked over the board so many times, especially at times of doubt, reconnecting me with my inner voice and discover what the next best thing is to do. And, then I do it and manifestation becomes easy. So Powerful!
Kellyann Schaefer

CEO & Lifestyle Management Coach, Task Complete

I am so grateful for having done her Soul Living Collage Program.
She takes you to a deeper level helping you to bring your vision alive. I learned from her how to give my vision energy and life by keeping it front and center via my beautiful Vision Board resulting in this year in the manifestation of so much! I would recommend working with Laura because she is a compassionate, cool, & fun.

Mary Perez ~ Essential Wellness

Before joining the Living Your Truth Sisterhood™ I was stuck. I had devoted the last 15 years to raising my family and was unsure what to do next. The sisterhood has given me the ability to find myself again. I’m more inspired than ever before and ready to step out with the new vision I have. The content is great. Laura’s natural way of being, her  down to earth leadership, and her ability of seeing what we don’t see in ourselves has been a source of great support.

S.  Phillips

It’s Your Time!
Dream. Desire. Dare.
Let’s Do This!

You can participate in the Master Class Alone OR You can become a member of the Living Your Truth Sisterhood™!

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The Living Your Truth Sisterhood™ offers an opportunity to expand your knowledge of Sacred Awakening Tools.
You receive content, in an easy to learn format, that allows you to embrace living your truth. 
Here are three examples of what is waiting for you inside:


Your Mentor: Laura P. Clark

As a sought after Master Soul Coaching® Practitioner and Instructor Trainer, I empower solopreneurs, professionals and creatives to get off the roller coaster that delays their success. As an International best- selling author, engaging speaker, and Soul Wise coach, I always bring my unique wit (some people call it sassy) and a down to earth, practical approach to my spirit based work. It is my deepest hope to empower people, through a variety of energy shifting experiences, to find their own truth, and embrace their own brilliant spirit!

Laura has been creating and leading vision board programs for over 35 years. The first one she led was as a resident assistant in college. Her clients are forever telling her that they have greater joy and abundance while following their purpose and pursuing their passions after having worked with me.

Living Your Truth Sisterhood™ is born out of my passion to support people, just like you, to step fully into your beautiful, most authentic self to spread more love and light into the world around you and the world at large.

It’s Your Time!
Dream. Desire. Dare.
Let’s Do This!

You can participate in the Master Class Alone OR You can become a member of the Living Your Truth Sisterhood™!

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Q: Why is the Living Your Truth™ Membership so much less than the actual Collage Course if you are getting so much more?

A: I am passionate about the power of the Sisterhood. I recognize that true growth comes over time and with having different tools that support you at different times along the journey.  So, I decided to make it a ‘no brainer’ choice.

Q: What if I have questions between the two sessions that I want to be answered

A:  Join as a member of the Sisterhood and you will have access to the Sisterhood’s Facebook Group where I hang out to answer your questions. Not just during this course but at all times!

Q: My understanding is that the Sisterhood payment is $27.00 now and then $27.00 every month and that I can elect to leave at anytime. Is this correct?

A: Correct! To end your membership, you simply need to notify my team by email prior to your next billing cycle.

Q: What if Life Gets in the Way and I don’t have my collage finished by the second session? 

A: Everything in divine timing! Of course, I’d like for you to fully commit to getting it done within the week. The Universe will know you are serious about your vision this way. Life does have its’ way of getting in the way, though. Come to the meeting. Get what you need. And, there will be a replay available for you for when you do finish it.

Q: I have other questions not answered here? 

A: Email me at Laura@soulwiseliving.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Joining the Sisterhood is a monthly membership obligation. After 30 days, You will be charged the regular monthly fee of $27/month (unless you choose to end your trial at that time.) Please mark your calendar to review your billing prior to 30 days. You will receive a reminder email before the second month of your membership begins in order for you to decide if the Living Your Truth Sisterhood is still right for you.

Cancellation Policy:
The beauty about the sisterhood is that you can cancel anytime! Once you notify us via email, we will cancel any future payments you are scheduled to make. You then remain in the sisterhood until your current billing period ends.

You agree that your payment of $27 automatically renews at the end of your initial payment of the Sisterhood which includes access to the Soul Living Master Class. You will be charged at the locked in, never to increase, monthly fee of $27 until you cancel via email.