We are so much in the habit of judging ourselves, of cutting ourselves off from feeling worthy by supporting your self-esteem & self-worth. If you’re anything like me, you understand how powerful the habit of self-judgment can affect everything and how powerful the habit of feeling worthy can be in our manifestations.

Creating and using Affirmations allows one to bring the future possibility into the present, focus on what’s important and how you are able to co-create and manifest your dreams.

Practiced daily, openly, with heart, affirmations are a powerful tool to raise your vibration and to allow us to step forward courageously.

Sacred Affirmations ~ an introduction

The Art & A little Science of Affirmations

The Anatomy of Affirmations

The Muscles & Bones of an Empowering Affirmation

Creating Personal Affirmations 

Making Affirmations Personal

Using Affirmations for Empowerment

Embedding Affirmations